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Export Manager

We can bolster your company’s efforts by managing your exporting function; once your revenues justify bringing on full-time staff, we’ll help you recruit and onboard new hires.

Our personnel operate as fully integrated members of your team; depending on your set-up we can work off-site or on-site alongside you and your staff. Communication and task execution is seamless, your customers/distributors/agents need never know you are outsourcing your exporting function.

Day to day activities involved in the managing of your exporting function may include but not be limited to:

  • Implementing your export strategy and activities consistent with overall aims and requirements of your business;
  • Keeping you informed of legal and regulatory changes affecting the target market and ensuring this information is factored into your export strategy;
  • Keeping you informed of emerging customer trends and developing sales strategies to meet their needs;
  • Attending industry events, exhibitions and shows;
  • Attending customer/distributor/agent meetings in the target market;
  • Analysing new business potential and promotional opportunities;
  • Safeguarding the customer experience of overseas customers and ensuring that your existing customer base is retained and well supported;
  • Presenting export sales forecasts and updating you regularly on position changes;
  • Negotiating distribution agreements and contracts;
  • Managing, supporting, and training your distributor/agent network within the target market, including setting distributor objectives and conducting regular performance reviews;
  • Working with you and/or your marketing team and/or local marketing agencies to develop sales propositions and marketing initiatives; ensuring that that such activities are carried out within budget;
  • Quotation/proposal writing and/or review;
  • Monitoring of sales orders and invoices;
  • Liaising with you regarding product information and stock availability;
  • Creation of all relevant export documentation and insurance;
  • Liaison with parcel carriers/freight forwarders for quotations and transport arrangements.

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